David (friendofjack) wrote,

Christmas is coming

It recently hit me that Christmas is a week away and I've only managed to buy one single gift so far. Yikes!

The situation isn't too dire, however. Since I've decided to scale back to just giving presents for the kids on my list I don't have nearly as much to buy. Last year, I hit my last nerve with Christmas, so this year I thought I'd try something different. I'd rather have a low-stress holiday than one in which lots of presents have to be bought and wrapped and delivered. My gift to others is the freedom of not having to buy me anything.

For my immediate family, we're making donations to charity on behalf of each other. I still need to do some work to have that done and in place before Dec 25, but that should be relatively easy.

I'm rather enjoying the scaled back Christmas. I feel like I can focus on the aspects of the holiday season that are meaningful to me and not feel stressed out about having to do 20 things that I'd rather not do.

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