March 10th, 2009


Avoid AT&T 3G service in Atlanta

Just got off the phone after a 40 minute call with an AT&T rep. They didn't budge one iota. Goddamn Apple won't let them, among other excused offered. I tell them that their 3g network is awful and I get calls dropped all over town and it feels like a 9600 baud modem when it does work. I tell them that I have been un-recommending AT&T service as much as I possibly can, warning friends, family and strangers to stay the hell away from the money trap of 3G. It's all marketing hype. I have an "unlimited" data plan, but I'm limited all the goddamn time by it being slow. I've been duped.

I explain to the AT&T rep that I am paying twice as much for a phone plan that is worse in quality than what I had before. I feel ripped off.

They don't budge. There are new towers going up near me, they say. That doesn't change the fact that I still have sub-par network coverage. The maps they look at tell them that I live in a neighborhood with great coverage. My experience -- and the experience of others in the neighborhood -- is not what the maps say. I feel like I should get a refund for the extra money I am paying for this shitty phone/network.

I hate Apple. I hate AT&T. I don't want anymore of their bullshit. I'm not fooled anymore. I'm paying more for lower quality. I don't give a shit about the bells and whistles anymore. I want a goddamn phone that works and works flawlessly. That's what I'm paying for, right?